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't respect that. u.s. forced to pick a side. >>> the politics lead. brand new polls giving us a snapshot of 2016. you may not be shocked to learn who's in the lead but the runners-up is where it gets interesting. >>> and the buried lead. it's been nearly 50 years since j.d. salinger last published anything but now the stories he kept locked away are suddenly out there for all to read. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim acosta filling in for jake tapper. we begin with the world lead. it's a turf war high above the east china sea. china has just sent its first patrol of fighter jets over an air defense zone the country is claiming above a disputed set of islands, islands that japan say belongs to it. the friction has tempers flaring around the globe. i want to bring in barbara starr at the pentagon. the u.s. is not sitting on the sidelines in this standoff. they have already sent two unarmed b-52 bombers through this disputed air zone. what does this latest power grab, if you want to call it that, by china mean for american security? >> reporter: well, the u.s. is taking sides in this, now sen
. we lift up all our vets today. thanks for joining us. now "the lead" with jim sciutto starts now. >>> 10,000 lives gone in a matter of hours and many still desperately trying to find their loved ones. i'm jim sciutto and this is "the lead." the world lead. time is running out for anyone still trapped after a super typhoon laid waste to the philippines. survivors only beginning to take stock of the enormity of the disaster. >>> u.s. marines are on the ground in the philippines, just one of the teams joining the international relief effort, but the task is overwhelming. hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. many don't know where their next glass of clean drinking water will come from. >>> and also in world news, no deal. world powers including the u.s. fail to reach an agreement with iran to stop enriching uranium. now that everyone has walked away from the table, what can bring them back? >>> welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto filling in for jake tapper. hope you're having a meaningful and memorable veterans day. we begin with the world lead. just moments ago, the u.s
6th. jason carroll, cnn, new york. >>> that does it for me. thanks for joining us. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> a typhoon bigger than the size of california before it made landfall. it's been blotting the philippines off the radar for hours. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. they were calling it a super typhoon and we are only getting a sense of the damage done in the philippines. perhaps the strongest storm in recorded history, laying waste to the country. we have a live report from manila in moments. >>> also in world news, what's happening in geneva could change the world as we know it. talk of a potential deal with iran. to stop or slow its suspected progress towards a nuke. can iran be trusted to keep up its end of any potential bargain? >>> the politics lead. it's become president obama's read my lips, perhaps. now he's apologizing after telling americans if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. was he listening to advice from new jersey governor chris christie that he heard right here on "the lead"? >>> good afternoon, ever
brings us her harrowing tale of survival. >>> and the politics lead. it must be that time of year for the traditional airing of grievances. two sisters have a very public falling-out over same sex marriage. one is a lesbian, the other a tea party courting conservative and they both call vice president cheney dad. >>> good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the money lead. the closing bell at the new york stock exchange on a day the dow rose above the 16,000 mark for the first time ever. it didn't stay there, but this is still the latest in a year full of record-breaking days on wall street. imagine it's something like this in lower manhattan right now. scenes of glorious success, extravagant spending, guys yelling into phones, traders standing in "i am a god" poses like in images out of the trailer for "wolf of wall street"? yes, the market's riding higher than ever before if we don't count inflation. what could possibly, possibly go wrong? i want to bring in zain asher at the new york stock exchange. what is pushing the dow to such dizzying
was with his divorce and everything that if you could use it to connect to people and feel quote unquote, less alone, that you would actually be able to use the service in a completely different way, then once you brought in williams and stone, who had pioneered blogging, it took on this entirely different life form and together, the four of them and the other people that worked there created what it is today. >> so we only have about 45 seconds left. i guess my basic question for you, how are they going to make money, for all these people investing, have hopes that twitter is going to be able to actually deliver profits, how are they going to be able to do that? >> the company can be profitable today. they have acquired dozens and dozens of companies. they are now to 2,000 employees and this year, they will make about $640 million in revenue. next year it will over $1 billion. they are making money. they are just choosing rather than to say they are going to be profitable to actually reinvest that money within the company. i think that that's going to continue to happen. this public offering,
. >>> that is all for us this afternoon. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for being here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> tired of getting bumped by jimmy kimel? matt damon is joining us today. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. cnn has been on the ground in the philippines since the super typhoon hit, giving you the most comprehensive coverage of the disaster, and yet our own anderson cooper is being attacked now by the philippine elite for something he said on this very show about the government's response. anderson joins us live from the disaster zone in moments. >>> the money lead. this toy looks awesome. a remote control boat suggested for ages 8 and up but wait a second. is that the logo for rock star energy drink stamped on the side? didn't the company swear to congress that it was not marketing to kids? >>> and the pop culture lead. you're involved in a lot of different groups. we counted at least 30. >> really? >> believe it or not. does that include the handsome men's club with jimmy kimmel? >> actor, activist and all around handsome man matt damon
couple years. not sooner than that but in a couple years. i used to think 15, 20 years but we've moved so rapidly. i think it will come sooner than later. >> thank you so much, sir, for joining me. >>> that will do it. let's send you to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >>> you think the iranians are nervously watching television and saying what's all this talk about a nuclear option? i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the politics lead. senate democrats hitting the red button, stripping republicans of one of their most powerful weapons in the senate. will the democrats live to regret it? >>> the world lead. iran looking at a nuclear option of a much more literal sort today. secretary of state john kerry claiming a deal is close to roll back iran's nuclear program but we have been hearing that for weeks. >>> also in politics, i must be slipping. we're almost a full minute into the show and i haven't mentioned chris christie's 2016 prospects yet. the new jersey governor becomes the boss of bosses, today taking over a key leadership role that can only i
watching us on an airport television during a flight delay. the cold blast putting the freeze on travel ahead of thanksgiving and the worst is yet to come as this killer storm aims for even more americans. >>> the world lead. historic or historic mistake? just how israel characterizes the deal aimed at curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. as long as the u.s. had iran at the negotiating table, why not secure the freedom of this man? did the administration leave him behind? his wife joins us live. >>> also in national news, the story does not end with these two high school football players convicted of rape in a case that seized the nation's attention. today, new charges reach deep into their school system. wait until you hear how high they go. welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman filling in for jake tapper. we begin with the national lead. i would like to tell you that you will all get to your destinations without a hassle this holiday. i would like to tell you that you won't have to eat thanksgiving dinner on top of your own luggage. i would like to tell you all that, but i can't. becaus
is largely democratic, bloomberg has urked his -- >> mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. 55 days, to be exact. >> so congratulations. your candidate in virginia, terry mcauliffe got a victory. but you were used against democrats and i want to get your reaction to your name being used in this attack ad being put out by the nra political victory fund. >> he -- herring will back gun control, gun rationing. a ban in the most popular rifle in american. >> i guess you get used to that sort of thing. but what did you think about you being used against democrats? >> i'm not sure that the nra in retrospect should have done that. when we started mark herring was something like six points behind. and at the moment, they have to have a recount. terry mcauliffe, if you think about this, virginia is the home state of the nra. that's where their headquarters are. south of the mason dixon line. if i said to you 20 years ago a democrat was in favor of common sense gun background checks, if i told you he could win governor you would have laughed me out of the room. the truth
of millions of people are traveling for black friday eve which used to be called thanksgiving. >>> the world lead. go ahead and seize a bigger air defense zone if you want, china, but that doesn't mean the u.s. is going to respect it. a pair of american b-52 bombers flies through china's newly claimed air space and tests whether china means what it says today. >>> and the buried lead. green bean casserole. sure, cranberry sauce, obviously, but you won't find any turkey on the plate of one of our former vice presidents. is al gore taking diet tips from his former boss? welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman filling in for jake tapper today. have you made a list of things you're thankful for this year? you might want to keep them in mind over the next 30 hours or so, because if you are traveling, your thoughts may need that happy place to go. 43 million people are expected to travel by roads, rail and sky this thanksgiving, but a killer storm is on the move and it could ruin the holiday in ways that your uncle with halitosis never could. most of you if you're traveling are driving, and this is
driving along them, looking at the roads behind us. they have been pretty much clear. obviously, thanks in part to a lot of crews that have been out, helping to clear the roads. it seems as if most of the wickedness is really in other parts of pennsylvania. you mentioned a lashing in other county said, not here in allegheny where we are in pittsburgh, but in other counties. i spoke earlier with officials. apparently in beaver and lawrence, they got up to 12 inches of snow. the cleaning crews are out in force there. a lot of people are getting out of the airport. i have been in contact with a spokesman at the airport, pittsburgh international. she tells me that there haven't been any significant weather canc lashzs or delays, but that definitely they have seen an increase in the number of flyers. 30,000 today alone. i asked her how much of an increase it was from normal. she said 15% to 20%. >> shannon travis, good news even in the western part of pennsylvania. appreciate it. >>> moving on now to the politics lead. while most americans are home frantically looking for turkey brine recipe
. that is great advice. >>> that's all from us here today on "newsroom." we'll be back here again tomorrow. now "the lead" with jake tapper begins right now. >>> bill clinton's right about barack obama, says our guest. former alaska governor sarah palin. he was right back in 2008, she says. meanwhile, the former president is giving the current president another headache about obama care. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." >>> the national lead. some breaking news. are you taking statins to lower your cholesterol? maybe you should. the american heart association just released new advice that could change everything you think you know about fighting the artery clogger. >>> the world lead. the effort is massive. relief is on the ground but the wreckage from the super typhoon is so widespread, relief may not get there in time for those who need it most. >>> and bill clinton calling out president obama for telling people if you like your plan, you can keep your plan and could it be sarah palin siding with bill clinton on something? the former vice presidential nominee goes full on mama grizzly on
up to the shooting at l.a.x. deborah feyerick has been tracking down her sources and joins us live from new york with some new information. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we want to paint a picture of exactly what happened for you. apparently this gunman approached the screeners, pulled out what police say was an assault rifle from a bag. the weapon had been concealed. he walked over to the screeners and that's when he opened fire. now, we are told that he shot one fatally and then another was injured in the leg. tsa has now confirmed that others were injured but it's not clear whether in fact they were injured in the pandemonium. now, jake, before you just held up a shot of l.a.x., and you can see it's sort of shaped almost like a long lollypop. we are now being told that the shooter was able to breach the security checkpoint and then he was able to run all the way down that long jetway basically to that circular area and that's when lapd and l.a.x. police officers confronted him and an lapd officer was able to shoot him multiple times center mass. that means right in the ches
to power but always doing it in a way that reminds us that we have to bring people together instead of driving them apart. >> reporter: deeds was elected to the virginia state house in 1991, and in 2001, was elected to fill the state senate seat of tv personality katie couric's late sister. he wrote and helped pass megan's law in virginia which requires law enforcement officials to notify communities of registered sex offenders and he sponsored the amber alert program in the state. now, the home where all of this happened is in an extremely rural area. the house is set well back off the street, and we're now learning that creigh deeds, after being stabbed multiple tis, was able to walk about 75 yards down the hill from the house to get to that road where he was picked up by his cousin. just in the last hour or two, we have also learned that his condition has been upgraded to fair. jake? >> chris lawrence, thank you so much. i want to bring in michael martz, a reporter for the richmond times-dispatch. he joins us by phone. thanks for being with us. let's talk about the son, gus. can
of us were surprised to learn that former president bush is a painter, including his own family. but his latest portrait shows he's definitely putting the practice in. are we witnessing the artistic flowering of our 34rd president? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the leader." i'm jake tapper. we'll begin with the national lead. we've been saying too long that the mental health system in america is not working and there's a body count result. victims in aurora, newtown, and at l.a.x. and it's happened again. virginia's former democratic candidate for governor and current state senator creigh deeds is now listed in good condition after he was stabbed repeatedly on tuesday in the head and torso. his son, however, 24-year-old austin "gus" deeds is dead from a gunshot wound. as the reports came in, it was hard not to get that sinking feeling, which police later backed up with their own theory that gus deeds likely stabbed his own father and then shot himself. on monday, they gave gus deeds a mental health evaluation under an emergency custody order, but he was turned away because no psy
. there's aid stacked up. i walked by pellets and tarps, thousands of tarps that could be used for shelter under the rain that comes in. the problem as you say is getting it out from this airfield now to the communities, even communities a half a mile away from here, there aren't trucks, there aren't fuel. we're running to broadcast, it is a very dicey situation here and the bottom line is, more needs to come, more logistics, more trucks, more fuel in order to actual get this aid to the people that need it most. >> anderson, is there any indication that the philippines' government knows that the problem is getting all the aid and the tarps that you are talking about, that are right near you, that they know they need to be able to provide soldiers or police or whomever to provide that to the survivors who need it and that those reinforcements are coming to do that job or is everybody just sitting around waiting and wondering when help like that will arrive? >> you know, there are hundreds of philippine police and military here at the airport and elsewhere at road blocks and such, but you do
, supportive of us and say how about looking at us now, and i think those folks are rightfully suspicious when you do that. so we have been working -- >> african-americans? >> african-americans, hispanics, folks who have not normally been in the republican column. you need to go to those folks for four years and include them in the governing process, and then make your pitch during a campaign as to why what you did as a governor is worthy of their support when you come up for an election. i tried this four years ago and wasn't very successful in attracting those votes, i think in part because they just didn't know who i was and how i would govern. i think we'll do much better this time. >> i notice you went to a town that a few years ago, largely african-american, where i think you got something like 4% of the vote. >> 4.7. don't short me, jake. 4.7% of the vote. >> but even with what's anticipated to be a comfortable margin of victory, christie has some campaigning to do so we joined him on the final leg of his new jersey bus tour. i asked him about the new language president obama used last
angeles force from three time zones away about the l.a.x. suspect joins us in a matter of moments. >>> the politics lead. a new book claims the obama/biden campaign was a taylor swift song waiting to happen. that's one of the juicy insider details from the election. obama and romney campaign officials dishing dirt and settling scores. >>> the sports lead. one nfl player is out and another suspended for what? late hit? helmet to helmet tackle? nope. allegedly it's for the same type of behavior we usually attribute to mean girls in high school. >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jack tapper. we begin with the national lead. moments ago, the head of the union representing officers with the transportation security administration issued a statement calling for some of those officers to be armed in the aftermath of friday's shooting at los angeles international airport. the statement reads in part quote, at this time, we feel a larger and more consistent armed presence in screening areas would be a positive step in improving security for both tsos and the flying public. the
that only about a third of the u.s. population was on this planet the day he died, but for two veteran journalists, that day launched their careers in many ways and forever changed their lives. bob schieffer was a young reporter at the ft. worth-star telegram. now he's an emmy winning correspondent and host of cbs' "face the nation." jim leher went on to launch the award-winning show "news hour" on pbs, even recently writing a fictional novel about the jfk assassination. i got the opportunity to sit down with these two legendary reporters about their experiences 50 years ago. thanks so much for coming in. it's so great to have you here on this solemn day. bob, you were at the ft. worth star telegram and jim, you were at the dallas times herald. the basis of your latest novel, "top down" is a conversation that you had with the secret service agent that morning? >> right. had to do with the bubble top. the bubble top was up and the bubble top was not bulletproof. it was plexiglass, designed solely for weather situations, to keep the kennedys from getting wet in case it rained. it had rai
? if you believe andy kaufman's brother joins us to address the fresh rumors sweeping the comedy world that the mad comic genius faked his own death and is still alive. with a grown daughter. >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the national lead. if you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan. for real this time, says the president. but here comes the asterisk. it's only for a year, assuming the insurance companies cooperate. president obama today acting under enormous pressure even from within his own party to address policy cancellation notices which millions of americans have received as a result of changes from his signature affordable health care act. the president acknowledged that the rollout of obama care has been, what's the word i'm looking for, it starts with an "f"? >> we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. fumbled the ball. we did fumble the ball. these are two fumbles. >> fumbled. yes. thank you. fumble, like a tony romo botched snap. it was a recurring theme throughout the president's remarks which came a day af
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